My first year in nursing school started on the 3rd of September, 2013 and ended on the 17th of April, 2014. It was really an overwhelming experience for me as it was my first time in a Canadian university. I thought i wouldn’t relish the experience, but surprisingly, i did. I met new friends who also had the same overwhelming experience as me. so we were together 🙂


Asha, Ria, Michelle and I

I got to learn how to do research, dress beds (i mean hospital beds), hand hygiene (wash hands for 15 seconds), transfer patients from bed to chair or vice versa, take precautions when visiting a patient on isolation and above all, i got used to the Canadian accent (when you have Canadian professors and classmates you have no choice). These were all during my first semester.



During my second semester, i got to do a 20 min head to toe assessment video on my lab partner. Seriously, that was fun. Actually, the initial one failed, as a result,i had to come back the next day to redo it (i disliked the idea). i got to learn how to take vital signs (Bp, temperature, pulse rate, and assess for pain).


I also got to do my clinical at veteran centre in Sunny-brook hospital. I was given a 96 yr old patient to take care of all through the semester on every Tuesday. it was so much fun for me because my patient never gave me a hard time 🙂 (i mean in the beginning and middle of the semester, because he did at the close of the semester). I helped him with his morning and afternoon care. He was always thankful and cheerful, then suddenly, he had a change of demeanor as he developed delirium, a sudden and severe change in brain function that causes a person to appear confused, disoriented, or to have difficulty maintaining focus, thinking clearly and remembering recent events, typically with a fluctuating course. Patients over 65 years are at higher risk for developing this cruel illness. People with previous brain disease are also at risk. some patients become agitated, while others may be quietly confused ( My patient was both agitated and confused (you know what that means). He utterly didn’t recognize me; i became a complete stranger to him. It was really a bad time for me because he gave me a hard time doing his morning and afternoon care. *so sad*. This is just one out of many things a nurse will experience during her practice. Fortunately for me, this happened during the close of my semester.


At the hospital on val’s day


Then, my assessments. whoohoo!

Canadian system of Education is altogether different from the Nigerian education i have always known. So it was a struggle in the beginning 🙂 . I had to write 3-5 tests a week, with a percentage ranging from 15%-25%, and in most cases the exam had a lower percentage than the tests. Therefore, if you fail to do well on one of your tests, there is a thin chance of getting an A in the end of the semester (i know we all are so obsessed with being an A student).


This is me during my exam period. *posing for the camera*

After the exam comes the end of the semester. I know you know that. I took this picture with my Co-Nigerian immediately after our exams 🙂


Oyinda and I

Finally, I am so grateful to God for this worthwhile JOURNEY; my first year experience. What are you grateful for?





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