Written out of sheer gratitude to the King of Kings.

Have I told you how special of a beloved 
I am to the King of Kings?
Perhaps I haven’t told you yet 
how he took time to rigorously 
rewrite the story of a failure to a success; 
of shame to glory; 
of sadness to joy; 
of hatred to love; 
of sickness to health 
and of poverty to wealth.
“Do you deal with everybody this way?” 
I have often asked.
He made my path so shine that I have become the envy of others.
He rested an enigmatic smile on my face.
He gave me a laughter that captivates even a vexed soul.
He set my feet upon a rock.
He turned my mess into my message.
He is my rock; 
my lord and my God; 
my joy; 
my life and my everything.
Without him where would I be today?
Absolutely nowhere!
But see, his grace found me,
Cleansed me and put a new song in my mouth.
I could say a million thank-yous,
but it won’t be enough to compensate my Lord
and my King for all he has done for me.
In the hollow of his hands, 
I will forever remain. 




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