A poison is a substance that has harmful effect within the body if it is ingested, inhaled, injected and absorbed. poisons are immediately life-threatening if they affect breathing and circulation. when you treat someone who has been poisoned, you should take precautions to make sure that you do not come in contact with the poison itself.


Swallowed(ingested)poisons come in contact with the mouth or lips



Absorbed poisons get into the body though unbroken skin. chemicals and plants(poison ivy, sumac and oak) can cause this type of poisoning



Injected poisons enter the body through bites or stings or as drugs injected with a needle



Inhaled poisons enter via the respiratory tract. They are breathed into the body. example, Co2 from car exhaust.




Can poisoning be treated? yes it can, but as they say, it is better and easier to prevent poisoning than to treat it. “prevention is better than cure.” so how do we prevent poisoning?


– Keep all medications, household products, poisonous plants, and other toxic substances well out of the reach of children. Use locked cupboards or special child-resistant latches


– Treat all household or drugstore products as if they could be dangerous


– Teach children to check with an adult before eating unknown substance.


-Never call medicine “candy” to persuade a child to take it


-Keep products in their original containers with their original labels


-Wear protective clothing any time you may come in contact with a poisonous substaance


-Mixing certain household cleaning products, such as bleach and husehold cleaner, can create toxic fumes


-Keep the local poison control center number by your telephone


What do you do and look for when you come in contact with a casualty? watch out for the next “poisons” post!


Source: Canadian First Aid & CPR Manual




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