The heavens proclaim the glory of God,
and the skies declare his handiwork
Each day pronounces the following day.
Each night announces the next day.
They don’t speak a word,
and the sounds of their voices are never heard.
Yet their message reaches all the earth,
and travels around the world;
although, in different times.The heavens house the sun.
It rises like a bridegroom in the east,
and sets in the west like a hero eager to run a race.
It travels all the way across the sky.
Nothing cloaks from the scorching heat spewed from its mouth.
Just as nothing on earth, in the heavens,
and under the earth is hidden from its creator,
who hung the northern sky and suspended the earth on empty space,
and whose breath dismissed darkness.

He stores water in the cloud,
but they don’t burst, and he wraps them around the face of the moon.
Everyday, the clouds come with a new design. Who designs these clouds?
It is the Lord of all the earth.

Worshiping him is sacred;
and he will always be worshiped.

Where is wisdom found?
Wisdom has more worth than precious stones.
The finest gold cannot compare with it.
Where then is wisdom?

Is it in the sky,
in the cedar tree, or in the midst of coral reefs?
Wisdom is hidden from the eyes of humans,
and from the snout of pigs.
God is the only one that knows the path to wisdom,
because he sees everything beneath the heavens.
When he divided the wind and the water,
and when he decided the path for rain and lightning,
he also determined the way to truth and the path to wisdom.
By his power and wisdom,
he monitors every thought that lingers in the minds of living things.
These things are merely a whisper of God’s power at work.
How little we would understand if this whisper ever turned into thunder!



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