To the Christian Couple, MARRIAGE is MINISTRY!!!

…For every Christian couple, marriage is MINISTRY…’

Doing Marriage by The Book

My work keeps me on the internet a lot.
Researching is my forte.
And trust me, it gets really really heart breaking, in the course of my job, to ‘bump into’ some of the ‘situations’ that people call marriage these days. Many days, I am moved to actual tears. Marriage is such a powerful covenant, with inherent powers within that institution to change one’s life. So you are best off making sure you choose right and let your life change for the better.
But today, I really don’t wanna talk to the singles about making the right choice, I wanna talk to we married women about just doing marriage right knowing that not only are people watching and learning, people actually need good examples.
‘…Your job is to speak out on things that make for solid doctrine… Teach the older (married) women how to be models of goodness so by…

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