Sex is more than an act of marriage or a pleasurable experience. Sex is the sign of the covenant of marriage.

Sex is a divinely ordained, holy sign of a blood covenant, which is modeled after the covenant God gave to man through the shedding of the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Sex is sacred to God.

Yes, God made sex good.

There is no reason to blush at the word, make excuses for your own sexuality, cover your ignorance by degrading sex to bawdy jokes and tawdry liaisons, or cause it to become cheap merchandise.

Sexual intercourse was created by God to be good, used for man’s good, to be pleasurable, the sign of a covenant, and to be the most intimate act between a man and a woman.

Virginity is the state of men and women before engaging in sexual intercourse. Virginity was designed so there could be a fulfillment of the covenant when the man and woman join together in marriage.

There is no shame in being a virgin, but rather there is an intrinsic, built-in dignity and glory given to a human at birth. When that state of virginity is taken to a marriage bed, after two people have committed themselves to the holy covenant of marriage, that union brings glory to God.

People today imagine that if they haven’t lost their virginity early in life, then they are wasting, or have wasted, years that could be spent on sexual pleasure. Virginity is a waste only if given outside of marriage, but never a waste when given in the act of consummating the marriage! Giving God the best you have is never a waste.

Giving God what is left over from your best is a waste. 

A waste is taking your life, filling it with cheap sex, spending it on the devil, then coming to God to give Him the dregs.

A waste is squandering what God gave for glory, lowering yourself in your own eyes, estranging yourself from the Kingdom, then coming and asking Him to remake you into what He originally created you to be.

Losing your virginity at an early age is a waste. It’s a waste of what God meant for His great glory and your great fulfillment. Only if you hold your virginity until the day of marriage are you able to enter the covenant exactly as God designed it.

Virginity is very precious, because once you lose it, it is gone. Physical virginity may never be regained, but, as we will learn, the spirit and glory of virginity can be restored to you.

This is a serious issue with God. It is to be taken seriously by man. It is serious to society.

There is glory in virginity.

Sex is sacred.

Sex is the sign of the God-given covenant of marriage.


Next in Genesis we read about what is commonly referred to as the “fall of man.”1 Man lived in a state of concreated holiness in the Garden of Eden. But when sin entered, the man and woman were expelled from the garden.

Until that time, the world had been a part of the Kingdom of God, created in the positive by Him. Now, through sin, the world became subject to the kingdom of Satan, and the negative took over. As a result, God had to provide a Savior for man to bring him back into fellowship with Him in His Kingdom.

Colossians says that God “hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son.”2 God made a way to translate us from the kingdom of darkness that sin produced, back into the Kingdom of light.

That is the plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. But even as Christians, we continue to live in a world that has been altered by sin. Let’s look closer to see what you and I are living in.

Today there are two basic moral kingdoms in our world. The first is the Kingdom of God, the other is the kingdom of Satan.

Originally, within the Kingdom of God in heaven, there were three archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer. From what we see in the book of Isaiah, Lucifer was a beautiful archangel, but became discontented with his place and position.3 He became lifted up in pride and desired to take the place of God. He wanted to be worshipped, not simply lead worship.

Immediately God expelled him from heaven, because sin cannot be allowed to exist there. No disobedient spirit can ever enter into or remain in heaven. One disobedient spirit in a home will ruin the unity of the home. One disobedient spirit on the job will destroy the harmony on the job. One disobedient spirit in a church can ruin the fellowship in that church. One disobedient spirit in heaven would ruin the peace of heaven.

Peace is the nature of heaven itself. That’s why peace in our hearts is the umpire for doing God’s will here on earth.4

Lucifer was cast out of heaven because his disobedient spirit could not exist there. When he was expelled from heaven, his name was changed. Notice that any time there is a change of name in the Bible, it denotes a change of relationship.5 Lucifer’s name was changed to Satan, and he was cast out of God’s Kingdom.

Upon his expulsion, Satan took one third of the angels with him and established his own kingdom, one that is directly opposed to the Kingdom of God. Satan’s kingdom is antipathetic and antagonistic to God’s Kingdom. Satan wanted to take the place of God and be worshipped. In his insurrection and rebellion, he has attempted to do exactly that.

The difference between the two kingdoms is the difference between day and night, heaven and hell.

Everything that God does, and everything that occurs in God’s Kingdom, is based on the positive. But everything that Satan does, and everything that occurs in his kingdom, is negative.

God always builds on the positive, and He always ends things on the positive.

Every principle and virtue and attribute in human society that is positive originates in, is initiated by, and emanates from the Kingdom of God.

God created man in Adam and invested within him the principles of the Kingdom of God. When Adam was expelled from the Kingdom of God and became subject to the kingdom of Satan, every principle and virtue and attribute that God had instituted on earth in Adam became perverted.

Satan is only a counterfeiter. In his negative kingdom, there are no true principles, only perversions of principles.

Let me give you a simple illustration of this truth. There is an old expression, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” That’s actually a principle of the Kingdom of God. You don’t approach God by yourself (by what you know), but by Jesus Christ (by Who you know).6

The kingdom of Satan perverts this principle and uses it to manipulate for selfish gain. But the principle is true. It’s not what you know, but Who you know (Jesus) that matters.

Everything that Satan has and does is counterfeit. God is the only Creator.

The corner barroom is a counterfeit church. The bartender is the pastor, people go there to have fellowship, to receive counsel, and to be filled with the spirit(s). It’s simply Satan’s counterfeit of the Church.

Look at this diagram:














Anything God creates, He creates in the positive. Whenever Satan counterfeits, he always counterfeits in the negative.

Because he was an archangel, Satan is still basically religious. He can transform himself, seemingly, into an angel of light.7 Therefore, he can tempt man to sin, while promising that it is really an opportunity to do good. That’s exactly what he did to Eve, and still does today.

All sin promises to please and serve, but only desires to enslave and dominate.

No sin will ever serve the purposes of God, no matter what Satan’s enticement may be.

When sin came through the temptation of the serpent, Satan, in the Garden of Eden, it did not come to Adam first, it came to Eve.8It was to Adam, not to Eve, that God gave the commandment not to eat of the tree. Eve received that commandment indirectly, from Adam. When the devil wanted to usurp God’s authority, as he did in heaven, he came to the person with second-hand information — Eve. Eve first was deceived into sin, then she went to Adam, and Adam chose to sin.


From then until now, sin has been a choice. In First Corinthians the Apostle Paul says that everything is lawful for me, but not everything is expedient.1 Not everything is good for me, and I will not be brought under the power of these things nor of any.

What Paul is saying here is that all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient, so he will keep them under the power of his choice.

In Romans Paul says, “servants ye are to whom ye obey.2 This simply means that as long as something is under the power of your choice, it is a servant to you; but once you choose it, you become the servant to it.

Once the cocaine is chosen, you become the servant to cocaine.

Once fornication is chosen, you become the servant to immorality.

The principle is, you become the servant to your choice.

That is exactly what happened to Adam. He became the servant to his choice, and because he chose to sin he became a servant to sin. The only way to undo what had been done was for a Savior to set him free.

Sin is not a bottle or a blonde. Sin is not a barroom or a brothel. All sin is basically just a denial of the right of possession of God, the Creator.

You can be a prince or a pauper, a churchgoer or bar hopper, but if you choose to deny God’s right of possession of your life,3 then as far as God is concerned that constitutes sin. Sin is disobedience to God and rejection of God. Unless you repent of sin and believe on Jesus Christ, you cannot be saved nor can you live in the Kingdom of God.

When Adam sinned and became a slave to sin, Satan took over the dominion of the earth that had been Adam’s. Expelled from heaven, and no longer in communication with God, Satan came into Adam’s life and assumed control of his domain. He usurped the power and authority that had been given to man by God.

In the separation that occurred between God and Adam as a result of Adam’s disobedience,

Adam died. He died spiritually. His mind became blighted and his body became subject to decay because he was cut off from the Source of his life.

Because man came under the dominion of the devil, his whole nature then changed. He began to live for himself. This was due to the principle which states:

The characteristic of a kingdom emanates from the character of the king.

The Savior was necessary to regain for Adam what he had lost through disobedience, and to restore him to a right relationship with God.


Let’s look at what you can already see regarding sexual relationships in light of what we’ve just covered.

In the Kingdom of God, you have love, because God is love.

Love is the desire to benefit others at the expense of self, because loves desires to give.

In the kingdom of Satan, the opposite of love is hate—emotionally. But when it comes to morals, the opposite of love is lust.

Lust is perverted love.

Lust is the desire to benefit self at the expense of others, because lust desires to get.

For years young men and women have been playing out a scenario like this:

A guy dates a girl for a period of time and then tells her, “I love you.” During the course of their relationship, he comes to a point where he tells her, “I love you so much I can’t live without you; let’s have sex.” She agrees. They have sex. She gets pregnant. Then she goes to him with her pregnancy and says, “I’m pregnant; let’s get married.” But he says, “Not me, Baby,” and walks away.

The truth is, he never did love her, he merely “lusted her.”

All he wanted to do was to benefit himself at her expense, and that is lust.

Rape is the result of lust. Burglary, embezzlement, and cheating are all the result of lust, because the one engaging in these acts is only trying to benefit himself at the expense of others.

If you really love in the way God loves, then your natural desire is to benefit others by giving of yourself.

This is an important step to understanding God’s view of sex, because God made sex for loving and giving, not for lusting and getting.

God created sex.

The devil did not create sex.

Remember, Satan is not a creator, he is a counterfeiter.1

God made sex good. Man, under Satan’s influence, makes it bad.

God created sex, but the devil perverted it.

Lust is a counterfeit of the love that God created.

Pornography is a counterfeit of prayer. Pornography promises to produce what prayer alone can produce: intimacy.

Pornography doesn’t produce intimacy, it produces distance and impotence. It promises to please and serve, but only desires to enslave and dominate.

The Bible shows us that prayer is what produces intimacy. The greatest intimacy a man and woman will ever know in their marital relationship will come out of times of prayer together. Nothing else will produce the intimacy and interpersonal relationships that prayer will.

You become intimate with the one to whom you pray, for whom you pray, and with whom you pray.

Look at the diagram:



Jesus is Lord








Self is Lord

Hate — emotionally









When Adam sinned against God and was expelled from Eden, and when human nature changed and everything on earth became negative, the earth itself was also cursed.1Everything was subject to the wrath of God and came under the curse as a result of sin.

Man’s identity was no longer in relationship to God, but he was identified with sin2 and began to live in a negative world. He lived under the despotic rule of Satan, subject to powers of his lower nature instead of the higher purpose that had ruled him when he was endued with power by God’s Word and Spirit.3

From that time forward, the world began to move out of the positive and into the negative, so that it became degenerative in nature instead of regenerative. Into the world came hate. Into the world came cancer, AIDS, war, wrath, emulations, jealousies. Think of some other things … greed, drunkenness, drug addiction, envy, murder, rape, incest, perversion, suicide. What does that kingdom sound like to you? It is a mess!

God saw the mess the world was in. God saw what was going to happen to humanity. He saw how we were going to be—hooked and addicted, lustful, envious, jealous and proud. He saw us as we were in that condition, and He did something for us that we couldn’t do for ourselves.

The first Adam “blew it.” He sinned, and through him came a curse on the earth. So God did something good. He sent a Second Adam.


Jesus is the Second Adam.4 When Jesus went to the cross, He took all the sin, the sickness, the wrath, and the curse upon Himself. When Jesus bore all that in our place, He provided a way for us to return to the Kingdom of God.

Today Jesus says: “If you’re sick and tired of living in that mess, if you are willing to come to Me, I will forgive you your sin, I’ll wash you in My blood, I’ll sanctify you by My Spirit, I’ll justify you by My Word, I’ll regenerate your heart and renew your mind. I will give you of My own Spirit, and translate you into the

Kingdom of My Father where you will become an heir of My Father and a joint-heir with Me.5 We’ll live in the Kingdom of God together forever.”

When that happens, when you come out of the kingdom of Satan and are translated into the Kingdom of God, then you are a brand new person. You’re not a “patched-up” old spirit. You are a new creation, created in Jesus Christ unto the glory of God the Father. You live in the Kingdom of God, and you’re the heir of God, a joint-heir with Jesus, and everything Jesus Christ purchased for you on the cross of Calvary is yours through faith in Him. It’s all yours. All you have to do is accept it and appropriate it by faith. That’s what you get and who you are, if you’re in Christ and Christ is in you.

Are you in Christ? Is Christ in you? If you believe in Jesus Christ unto salvation, then the answer is “yes.” Now, does that make you worthy of everything in heaven? The answer is “yes!”

If you have never received that worthiness before, then praise God for it now. You are worthy in Christ!6 You are worthy of everything in that Kingdom. God’s intention for you is to live a brand-new life.

When we enter into a covenant relationship with God, it is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. It is especially important to understand God’s provision for this covenant relationship because the marriage relationship between man and woman is also a covenant.










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