Teaching on how to maximize singlehood and build a marriage that is heaven on earth...

Message by Pastor Kunle Osunkunle

6. STAGNANCY: This also kills relationships. Any river that doesn’t have things flowing into or out of it will eventually accumulate dirt. This is typical of the dead sea. As a human being, you are supposed to keep flowing; your life – your heart is supposed to keep flowing. Things are supposed to keep flowing from out of you. The Bible says, “…out of us shall flow rivers of living waters…” But, when you stop flowing, what happens is that you start becoming dead. If you are in a relationship where there is no mutual flow, you will both become dead. You need to let things flow from you; from your spirit, soul and the physical part, not sleeping together. You bless your people out of the abundance God has given you, that’s why you buy gifts for people.

It is so amazing that you…

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