What Nobody tells you about SEX!!!

David's Christian Centre (DCC Abuja)


You don’t mean you want to talk about sex? As in SEX?
And in church?
OK theatrics over. Yes we are talking about S.E.X !!!
The Church qualifies to discus sex, and exclusively too.

Which is why today, we are going to talk (write) about SEX!!!

Infact, our last Love Dating and Marriage seminar which held in UniAbuja campus had the exact same title.


So we would be reviewing that message in collaboration with the same message preached by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo.
Bibles, jotters and pens out, let’s discus 10 things NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT SEX


We live in sex-crazed society. To say that sex is a hot topic is to state the obvious. The media understands the effect of this topic and uses this to sell everything. When we think seriously about the Christian life, we have to address the sex issue and the only way to do this is…

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