Fathers come in different shapes,sizes and colours, but the unique qualities that make them great dads are similar. A father has been called to TEACH, PROVIDE AND PROTECT. When one of these qualities is missing in a father, he is labeled as one living below his calling.

TEACH: The reason why our society is in turmoil today is because of the dysfunctional homes we have presently. Families make up the society. So when families are broken, then we would have a broken society. Divorce is no longer a big deal to many; It is rampant. This creates a huge gap in a child’s life. When dad and mum are living separately, each parent has to take turns to spend time with the child. When the child wants to make a decision that warrants a father’s idea, he has to wait till he sees dad again to make that decision, or better still make the decision himself, because mum doesn’t have any inkling as to what he’s talking about. He wants to play football, but dad is nowhere to be found. No one to give him the fatherly advice he yearns for. So he ends up making decisions with the immature mind he possesses. Now, this is a problem! This mars the child’s ideologies, and makes that child a menace to the society. What about the divorced parents who have more than one children? They have to divide the children to themselves.
However, when dad and mum are together, living under the same roof, dad brings his ideas, mum brings hers, and together they mould godly children. Fathers have a very great influence on their families. They’ve been placed by God as the captain of their homes to sail it to the right direction. How do they do this? They do this by being godly examples to their families and by teaching them the way they should go. Joshua was one heck of a father. This is proven in Joshua 24:15, ” but as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.”

PROVIDE: a man is a man when he takes RESPONSIBILTY. A man who lacks responsibility is a boy(operative word). Sitting down under the mango tree like a snowflakes that has lost direction, was Tim in the midst of his pals, holding his 12th drink and uttering total rubbish as he was drunk to stupor. He just got his pay check and the next thing he did was to invite his friends over to their usual joints. Little did he remember that he has a family to cater for and numerous bills to pay. This is what most so called fathers do. They lack RESPONSIBILTY. They leave their families to wallow in poverty, while they go about spending the little they have on worthless things. This is insanity! A real man provides shelter, clothing, food, education and above spiritual food for his family.
PROTECT: to teach and to provide falls under the umbrella of protection. A man who protects his family, is one who teaches and provides for his family. He teaches them the way they should go so they won’t deviate from the right path. He provides for them so they wouldn’t be driven by their needs to wolves.

The devil’s tactics are still the same everyday and every time. He fights families so profoundly, because he knows when two or three or more are in agreement, nothing they set out to do would be impossible for them (gen 11:6) He knows that families make up the society. So if we have dysfunctional families, definitely, we would have a dysfunctional society. He knows if every family has a godly head, then godly children would spring up, and this would go on from generation to generation. Yes! You and I can make a difference today. We don’t need a bunch of keys to open a door, we just need one. When you, reading this piece resolves to be that godly dad, or the one who would raise up godly children, or mentor those who don’t have fathers in their lives, or make sure divorce is not an option in your marriage, then this world would be a better place. A haven where the godly thrive.
Note: As a father, you are accountable to God for the position of influence he has given you. You can’t fall asleep when on the steering wheel. If you do, you would wake up one day to realize where you’ve taken your car(family) to; you would wake up to realize how much of a failure you have become and finally, you would wake up to realize that you’ve not done well in securing the souls of your family in the kingdom of God; that you’ve been a disappointment to God *smh* Fatherhood is a calling, fulfill it!
I am able to write this today, because I have been blessed with a Great dad, of course! He’s indeed a GREAT! GREAT DAD! My superhero! Mum too is great 😉





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