Who is so learned to advise the Spirit of God?
Who knows the weight of the earth and that of heaven?
Who is so careful enough to know what lies beneath the earth?
Who is so skilled enough to give breath to its creation?
Who was present before the world began?
Who sees the end of time from the beginning?
Who knows every thought that lingers in a man’s heart,
and the one yet unknown to the man?
Who is so loving that he can sacrifice the life of his only child in place of another?
Who sees the beginning and the end of the ocean at once?
Who is omnipresent?
Look up to the heavens and see the glory of MY GOD!
He calls the stars by name, and they match up to their positions like armies going into battle.
To him, the nations of the earth are but a mustard seed
To him, the most powerful on earth is as frail as the wing of a bird
To him, the ocean is so transparent, that he sees every of its inhabitant as they thrive
His throne is heaven and his footstool is earth
Who is bigger than him?
Tell me, who!?
When I look at the animals, I see his love for diversity
When I look at myself, I see his masterpiece
Indeed, My God has no equal!


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