Looking back now, I understand why Iheoma always said, “because he lives I can face tommorow.”
Iheoma is a person who overcomes challenges quietly. When I mean quietly, I mean she obeys the be still and know that I am God verse. She walks through life as though she’s walking on a bed of roses, even when she’s on a very hot coal. I have always envied her spirit, but never showed it. Now, I dont want to be envious of her spirit, but need that spirit as well. Because the way my life is going, I could fall at any time.

I called Iheoma about 3 days ago, and asked her if she could come visiting this summer, and she replied in the affirmative. Am overly glad to gonna have Iheoma around as she has a contagious spirit. When we were together, say, 4 years ago, she would always say, think positively, speak positively, and act positively. In fact, these words hold me bound even though Iheoma and I are no longer together. I have been holding them with every strength in me, seeing that those surrounding me think, speak and act negatively, and if care is not taken, I could loose my grip on them. Indeed, I am very glad to gonna have Iheoma around, a month from now.

A month later…

Today is the day Iheoma would be paying respect to my request. And I can’t just wait to have her around because she’s indispensable. I recall her telling me this on the day she lost out of dentistry school. And it goes thus: because he lives I can face tomorrow. I am not afraid of what tomorrow will present. He did it the last time, and I know he’s gonna do it again. I have this conviction because he said he never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Meaning, if he was faithful enough to bring me out of the troubles of my past, he will be faithful enough to bring me out of this mess. Then she ended her statement with Romans 8: 28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” She was rest assured that God had a better plan for her.

Whoa! Iheoma blew my mind that day. She made me see a silver lining in every of my cloud. She always brought comfort to my soul, a balm to my wound, and a dry cloth for every tear in my eyes. And yes! She came out of that mess. She ended up in animal science, and graduated as the best graduating student the department has ever seen. During the period in animal science, some lecturers in dentistry would always refer students who lost out of dentistry to her, and when they get to see her, she would give them a word of hope and it brought back the spark in their eyes. God used her as a medium to reach out to people who thought all hope was lost. She’s a blessing! This is why I yearn for her availability now. I need someone who can push me up. Someone who can talk to that dormant queenly spirit in me. And Iheoma is the right person for that position.

I have a knock on my door. And I am pretty sure that’s Iheoma. Time to go. thanks for stopping by 😉


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