Looking back now, I understand why Iheoma always said, “because he lives I can face tommorow.”
Iheoma is a person who overcomes challenges quietly. When I mean quietly, I mean she obeys the be still and know that I am God verse. She walks through life as though she’s walking on a bed of roses, even when she’s on a very hot coal. I have always envied her spirit, but never showed it. Now, I dont want to be envious of her spirit, but need that spirit as well. Because the way my life is going, I could fall at any time.

I called Iheoma about 3 days ago, and asked her if she could come visiting this summer, and she replied in the affirmative. Am overly glad to gonna have Iheoma around as she has a contagious spirit. When we were together, say, 4 years ago, she would always…

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