There are instances when God laughs.
He doesn’t laugh inadvertently but with purpose.
He laughs when the wicked plots against the righteous,
For he sees their day of judgement.
He laughs when man plans without consulting him,
Because he knows his own purpose will stand
He laughs when the heathen says, “there’s no God!”
Because he is on the throne.
When God laughs, the creatures of heaven stand at attention.
When God laughs, the ocean divides, and its foundation lays bare.
When God laughs, the cloud opens its mouth
and its inhabitant strikes and pours down uncontrollably.
When God laughs, men take to their heels
and look for a haven to hide their heads
Whenever I see this happen,
I know that that is God laughing.
So I join in his laughter,
because I understand that somewhere somehow,
the wicked is plotting against the righteous,
A heathen has exclaimed that there is no God, or
someone has put a plan in place without consulting the king of all kings.

PS: The INHABITANTS of the cloud means thunder and rain. So I am representing inanimate objects in human form (personification). And what happens when rain falls? Men hide under umbrellas, or stay in a safe place. That is what I mean when I say, “men take to their heels”


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