Some thoughts by an unknown author

Today we have higher buildings and wider highways, but shorter temperaments and narrower points of view.
We spend far more, but enjoy far less.
We have bigger houses, but smaller families.
We have more compromises, but less time.
We have more knowledge, but less judgement.
We have modern medicines, but less health.
We have multiplied our possessions,  but reduced our values.
We talk way to much, we love only a little, and we hate too much.
We have reached the Moon and come back, 
but we find it too difficult to cross our  own street and meet our neighbors.
We claim to have conquered outer space,  but not our inner space.
These are times with more freedom and liberty, but less joy….
We have higher incomes, but less morals….
We have much more food and a larger variety of foods , but less nutrition….
Today… two salaries reach home, but divorces increase.
These are times of finer, bigger and more expensive houses,  but more broken homes.”


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