Wait a minute! Are you aptly correcting your children or you are punishing them?

Olakunle Soriyan Blog

correctThe goal of punishment is to acknowledge your hurt and to share the pain of your hurt with the offender. It does not by any means transform behavior. On the other hand, the goal of correction is to bring the offender to a human state of acknowledgement of error, remorse, and to govern behaviour in a way that transforms the offender and blesses both his immediate environment and society at large. Studies have shown that over 90% of parents never correct in their lifetime, they only punish. Correction is about using positive reinforcement to govern behaviour. But without knowledge, the tendency of parents is to use negative, coercive, punitive means of stopping or eliminating behavior rather than positive, pleasant, reinforcing means of strengthening behavior. I mean, a child misbehaves, the parent immediately scolds, spanks, or screams at the child, and the inappropriate behavior stops. The immediate consequence of the scolding…

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