Love Yourself Enough to Look Good



I got a message while at work last week from one of my dear friends who was visiting for a couple of weeks and she was inviting me out to meet-up with my other friends after work. I was reluctant to accept at first because it was all unplanned and all that and then she said the *magic words*, “We’ll discuss my talk at the marriage seminar” – I was like you have just used my passion against me, how could I possibly say no to that?! Hahaha

I was all ready to accept when I looked down and noticed how ‘dressed-down’ I was (that’s me being very kind to myself).

First thing that came to my mind was “Oh dear, I knew I should have made more of an effort today, always be prepared Ayo, be prepared!” I did a few rush rush job after work and hopefully managed to look presentable.
Now, it was the conversation I had with my other lovely friend (who manages to look impeccable ALL the time!) while I was telling her about my little dilemma (lol) that got me thinking.. I was like “I didn’t realise we were going anywhere after work, I would have made more of an effort etc etc” and she responded saying “Ayo, don’t you just dress up for yourself? Do you have to wait for an audience to look good? How about doing it for yourself?” While we laughed it off with my preference for more sleep over picking out an outfit each morning, her words rang true for me.

How much attention do we pay to the way we look because like L’Oreal says, we are truly ‘worth it’ -Not because we have someone to impress or because we have a big occasion to attend but just because you recognise that you are precious enough to look after yourself whether people are watching or not. Do you value yourself enough to look good just for you?

It’s not just in your clothes and the make-up but in little grooming pleasures that are such wonderful treats but which we sometimes unfortunately deny ourselves.

– When last did you ‘splurge’ by treating yourself to the spa (even if it’s Mama Ndubuisi’s corner) for a day out, or decide to get a manicure or a pedicure? Are you waiting for a gift voucher or for someone ‘special’ to arrange it for you?

– How closely do you pay attention to what you eat, to exercising – recognising that your spirit could be all fired up but if you neglect to look after your physical body, you could unfortunately lose it?

– When last did you ditch scrimping and saving momentarily to just buy yourself something nice (to go into a store to buy something nice for yourself – it doesn’t have to be expensive, just something nice).

– Do you still have the same *fragrance-filled* extensions from 2 months ago. You know the deal with that – “no time to go to the hairdressers*

Have you ever felt the confidence that dressing up and looking good gives? It doesn’t have to be expensive or flamboyant, just an extra thought for yourself and the way you present yourself.

Sometimes we pay a hefty sum for a simple meal at a fancy restaurant – Most of what you are paying for is how the Chef dresses up the food to look good! Rice becomes Risotto (with a foreign accent lol).. But it looks so good, you don’t argue paying extra for it! Some people call it packaging πŸ™‚

Gently steamed beans dipped in proteinous substance aka Moi Moi πŸ™‚ source

Jollof rice and Chicken garnished with fried Plantain πŸ™‚ source

Love yourself enough to take extra time in grooming yourself. You have a body that goes through wear and tear. You owe it to yourself and to the Almighty God who fashioned you so beautifully to preserve the beauty of you.

I am not asking you to become obsessive about your looks, I am only saying that it’s time you cared enough to look good. ‘Package’ yourself. Take delight in spending a bit extra to look after YOU.. Look after yourself, spend a little more this month, treat yourself now and again and do it not because ‘everyone is doing it’ but because you are worth it.

And on the days when you would rather trade the grooming for some extra sleep, wear a huge smile – afterall, that’s the best make-up πŸ™‚


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