The Haughty Eyes

The inhabitants of heaven laugh at you.
The moon shakes its head at you as you utter arrogant statements,
because it knows there is a source for everything.
Whom did you despise?
Against whom did you beat your chest at?
At whom did you look with such haughty eyes?
It is The Lord of Heaven’ Armies

You say
With my feet, I have trampled upon nations
With my numerous armies I have conquered the highest mountains
With my unending glory and wealth,
I have shut the mouth of generals.
Who is like me?

Haven’t you heard?
Did you not know that I am God and God alone?
Maybe you didn’t realize that you are as dust,
and I can snuff your life any moment
Oh! I should tell you that I, the Holy one of Israel gives power to make wealth.

Because you have looked at me as nothing,
I will turn your daily bread Into grass
I will make you return on the same road by which you came
I will crush you with my bare hands
You will from hence forth be described as “former”
Until your realize that I am God and God alone.

Inspiration: Isaiah 36 .
This is for those who think that whatever they have achieved is by their power. Always remember that whatever you have, is given by the grace of God. Believe it or not.



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