The men we see today are all placed into three categories. The hunter, the scavenger and the gardener. When you take a look at the lady in their lives, you know where they fit into.
The Hunter is a man who sees something beautiful, approaches it, kills it and leaves out only the carcass. The ladies of these kind of men are described as used to be beautiful; used to have great dreams; used to be intelligent; used to be godly. Etc.

The Scavenger is a man who is attracted to women with low self worth. He seeks to take advantage of any lady he comes across with a low self worth. A scavenger can be a boss who threatens to sack his female employee if she doesn’t oblige to his lustful request. A scavenger can also be a lecturer who asks his female student to be sexually intimate with him in exchange for good grades.

The Gardener is a man who sees a woman with so much potential in her. He nurtures her, he prunes her, he waters her, he inspires her to be all that she can be, because she is his garden. And this is who Christ is. He washes his wife (the church) with the word, so he can present unto himself a beautiful, glorious and spotless wife. If you want to know a gardener, check out the lady in his life. She is always with a smile on her face. Haven’t you heard that a woman is the reflection of the man in her life, just as the church is a reflection of Christ?
Where do you fall into? (If you are a man) and who are you with? (If you are a lady)
Is he adding or subtracting value off your life?? Sit back and ponder on these things, so as to make the most of your life 😀

Inspiration: Fela Durotoye
With Love,



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