By Unity Ivongbe

“Though it tarries, wait for it, it shall not tarry” (HAB 2:3B)
There are two things that define a man: his patience when he has nothing and attitude when he has everything. Life comes in phases, from times of having little or nothing to times when one has everything he desires. However, how he manages such times of insufficiency, speaks volume of his inner strength. In this times of ‘now gratification’, it becomes expedient to embrace the wisdom in ‘waiting right’ in the interpretation of our realities and the evaluation of our options.

Taking a cue from the scripture highlighted earlier – it is expedient we give each part an introspective look. The first part says ‘though it tarries’ and the last part says, ‘it shall not tarry’. This comes across as a paradox. How can the truth – God’s word, say it would tarry and at the same time it would not tarry. We need to take a helicopter position in our quest to understand this wisdom.
Many a times, people go through all kind of stuff and they are not able to respond effectively. They give in too quickly and shudder under the fear of ‘what if things go wrong’. Questions begin to pop up in their minds like- what if I die in this challenge?, what if we don’t break-even in this business?, could it be that I am never going to recover from this debt? And much more!
We need to understand that God is sovereign and he has the whole world in His hands. He functions irrespective of time and space. He can decide to save you one year to shame, or one week to shame or one day to shame or even a day after shame; but what is true is that he would save everyone who trusts in him. In our short-sightedness, we might be tempted to think that God might come in late, but it’s never so. God is never late, neither is He ever too early. His timing is perfect. All we need is some bit of faith and a lot of patience. God is never slow like men understand slowness. We must ensure that in our quest to have it now, we do not push God to permit us to experience what He doesn’t approve of. There is God’s permissible will and His perfect will – the latter is sorrow-free.

Has it ever occurred to you that, at those times when you were expectant and anxious for something, say: marriage, a new car, admission into school, a desired house and the waiting lingers for a while even more than your anticipated timeframe, you try to manage mixed feelings of anxiety, excitement and for the most part, deep-seated frustration. But as soon as it arrives you are excited and all of a sudden, this joy absolutely blots out every trace of frustration you experienced. It suddenly looked like you never waited for it. We must be wise enough to discern the difference between the ‘need to succeed’ and the ‘urgency to succeed’. The latter if not managed properly could lead one to destruction. Truth is, the joy of harvest always blots out the pains of toiling. I chose to use the word ‘blot’ intentionally in the sense that, it totally wipes off the associated pains & frustration experienced during the time of waiting, that it leaves no traces or remembrance thereof.
We need to understand that in this life, doing the right things would not necessarily produce a right result instantly. Someone once said that you can’t have a child in one month by impregnating nine women. Some things take time.

Having this understanding, what kind of persons ought we to be? How can we better respond to seeming delays in a way that victory is not miscarried. Responsibility! Responsibility! Responsibility! It is the name of the game.
Waiting without taking responsibility is wasting without knowing. We need to take absolute responsibility for our current reality to effectively manage ‘moment now.’ That’s all we have got in the real sense of things. Part of crisis management is to resist the temptation to think about how differently your present reality would have played out if you had done things differently in the past and also resist the fear thoughts of how the future is going to be tough with the imminent failure ahead. Focus on now. What you do now negotiates for a better or worse tomorrow. How you wait today determines what comes tomorrow. Put things in perspective. Today is the platform of exchange for every of your desire. Be grateful for the resources you have now – that’s what you need to exchange for your preferred future. Understand that many people would be extravagantly grateful, if they have less than what you currently have. Take responsibility for moment ‘now’ with every sense of gratitude and put all things in the right perspective.
If am to re-write the index scripture above I would put it simply: ‘Though it tarries, WAIT FOR IT IN GRATITUDE, it shall not tarry’!
Go on my friend, Victory is sure!


My thoughts
God makes everything BEAUTIFUL in its time. It would eventually be worth the wait. Keep the faith!!
– in your time of waiting, get to work. Don’t wait wandering, wait engaging.



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