Sight is a function of your eyes, but vision is a function of your mind. They are two different things.
Sight sees the present, but vision sees things that will be or could be.


Our entire life is summed up into three things: our mission, our vision and our values

Your mission is what you have been placed here to do. It is the “why”of everything; and It is general
Your vision is what you see- it is when your mission becomes clear to you; when it becomes pictorial. This is unique . Nobody ever arrives at a future he cannot see- Dr David Oyedepo
Your values are the ingredients that safeguard your vision and your mission.


The body of Christ has a specific mission which is to make known the kingdom of God to a dying world. They have the same mission. But they have different visions. Some have been given the ministry of prosperity, others have been given the ministry of faith, of healing, of purpose etc. Vision is what makes you unique, but mission is what brings you and those people doing the same thing as you to a general standpoint. When you understand this—-that your vision is unique, though your mission is similar, there will be no place for competition.

Take for example, McDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Hut. These three eateries have the common mission of satisfying the appetite of the public, but they serve the public differently. Pizza Hut satisfies the public with pizza, KFC with chicken, McDonalds with another variety. Their vision makes them unique. This is why they can dwell together- in the same environment without any competition.

There are 3 important things that can cause a person to lose his/ her vision. This list is endless

1) Unbelief
Someone said that if your vision doesn’t scare you, then it’s not from God. I cosign!
Mary was so overwhelmed by the vision that was given to her by God. She asked the angel, “But how can this happen? I am a virgin.”
In order to remind her that all things are possible with God, the angel narrated Elizabeth’s story.
And with this story, Mary’s faith was stirred up; her fear was replaced with faith.
Fear has succeeded in depriving of their glorious destinies. Many go to the grave without doing what they were sent here for, because fear held them bound. Fear is a key instrument in the hands of the devil, to stop many from reaching the mark.
Remember when Jesus asked God to take the cup from him if it was his will? Assuming the cup was taken from Jesus, or Jesus said he wasn’t going to the cross anymore, we would have been a people without no hope. But thank God! Thank God, Jesus went for us!
You see, the opposite of fear is faith. Of course! you are gonna be scared when you see God’s mission for your life, but when you step out in faith, you would be amazed how the fear you have would dissipate into thin air.


2) Your Associations: vision needs to be in the right atmosphere to grow. If the atmosphere is lacking the basic requirements for growth, then it would either be stunted or it would die completely. When the angel told Mary about Elizabeth, he did not only do that to stir up her faith, he was also painting a picture of the kind of associations she should keep. Days later, Mary went to the house of Elizabeth and left after the third month- first trimester; The time when her pregnancy became visible; when she thought she could stand her ground.
In the same vein, we who have a vision for our life should dwell among those who are also pregnant with a vision. Nothing is as pathetic as staying in the company of barren people when you are pregnant. Because they would talk you out of your vision; they would work hard at making you suffer a miscarriage. But when you are in the midst of those who have been there or who are in the current state of pregnancy, you would be encouraged to move on, in spite of the morning sickness or the ills that come with pregnancy (i.e. When you feel like giving up)

3) Your Values: the wrong values has the potential of marring your vision. If you don’t value self control or discipline; if you take God’s instructions as gibberish, if you don’t value honesty and all of these requirements that can safeguard your vision, you will never get to the mark.
Someone who has a vision for his life and values it, would do anything possible to make sure he gets to the end. He will value self control, because he understands that if he smokes or drinks alcohol, he might have lung cancer in the long run, and this would terminate his life and therefore his vision and mission. He understands that premarital sex and extra marital affairs are a no go area, because they can entangle him in places or covenants that are ungodly. All these and many more that are a violation of God’s principles can hinder a man of vision from fulfilling his mission here on earth.

Well, someone is thinking that he has no vision or she has no vision. “What’s this vision thing all about?” The truth is that God is the giver of visions. Thus, you have to be saved to get a vision for your life, which is the pictorial of your mission, because God wouldn’t be committed to someone who isn’t his child. The devil also has missions for his children, and he too is committed to seeing that they fulfill it. Being saved entails surrendering your life to Christ by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. If you are set for this change, please say this prayer of faith: Dear Lord, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me my sins. Cleanse me with Your precious Blood. I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Now I know I am born again!

Congrats! 😀

With love



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