To everything there’s a time. These were words from King Solomon- the wisest king of that time. As wise as he was, he understood the essence of doing the right thing at the right time. Even if you have the right idea, when it’s done at the wrong time, it would look as though it wasn’t a good idea after all. Thus, the right time is a crucial environment for the right thing to develop. If you plant a seed, you have to patiently wait for it to develop into a plant and from a plant to a flower, and from that flower you would see seed, which then becomes dispersed either by the wind or by insects to produce more plants and the cycle goes on. During this progression, you as the gardener would take a liking to tending for it. You would water it, make sure it’s receiving adequate sunlight and all of the requirements that a seed would need to germinate. This progression takes time that cannot be bypassed. So is love!
In order to see the beauty that love brings, we must wait patiently for it to develop from a seed to a plant and to bloom into a flower and eventually have seeds that would impact other relationships as well. And we must be committed to tending for it, otherwise it will wither.


Love is very powerful to the extent that the shunamite woman said it is stronger than death. It has the potential of taking one to greater heights and bringing one to a downhill. As king Solomon’s lover, the shunamite woman understood the capacity that love holds. She described it as a mighty flame, like an inferno that many waters can’t quench.
The passion of love
bursting into flame
is more powerful than death,
stronger than the grave.
Love cannot be drowned
by oceans or floods;” Solomon 8:6
Thus, you should be careful when and with whom you ignite the spark of love with.


Before describing the strength of love, the shunamite woman pleaded with the women of Jerusalem to not open the tap of emotions until the right time. Solomon 8:4
Here she was, enjoying love as God intended it to be, in the arms of king solomon, telling the women of Jerusalem to wait until they are ready for a commitment; to wait until they are mature enough; to wait until they understand the vulnerabilty that love brings, before they open their heart to someone who also is mature enough in mind and understand what it’s to love.


In this sensuous culture that we live in, the embodiment of love has been downgraded to just crush. People start relationships on crush (infatuation) and by the end of the day, have their heart broken. Your heart is a delicate organ that you wanna hold dearly. I tell you, you don’t want to give it to a whimp. Someone who knows nothing about commitment, about what it’s to love, someone who would jeopardize your happiness, your virginity to satisfy his lust and call it love. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t have the capacity to develop love from it’s seed stage to the flowery stage, and doesn’t have the time to water it and care for it. Therefore, careful, soberful, and discernful consideration should before letting someone into your heart.

God is love himself, he created it. He is a merciful, beautiful and loving God, in the same vein, a consuming fire. So is love!
Love is beautiful and also a consuming fire. What a paradox!
“I just want to test the waters”
Have your ever heard this statement?
I have heard it countless of times.
People go into relationships to test and see if they can commit to the other party. As good as this intent looks, it is wrong and very dangerous. If you don’t go into a relationship with marriage in view, you will not take that relationship seriously and when you feel you’ve gotten what you wanted, you tend to leave, forgetting that you are dealing with someone’s heart. And trust me! You don’t wanna be the reason why someone is depressed or have suicidal thoughts or worse still, commits suicide, as heartbreak is primary to depression and suicide.
I heard a story about a guy who committed suciide this year because his girlfriend left him for someone else. What a precious life lost! Someone might think it is totally out of the world; it is senseless to commit suicide because a girl left you or a boy broke your heart. But that is to show you what “love” can do, when it’s awakened at the wrong time.

Never toil with people’s emotions; never go into a relationship with the intent to just have fun, and when you are tired, you would leave, because you are dealing with someone’s life. Once again, that escapade has destroyed lives and has caused so many to doubt if love really exists.

If we are going to experience the awesome power of love; the beauty that love brings; the kind of love the shunamite woman experienced, then we must wait for the right time- when we are mature in mind and in spirit; when we are ready to commit (a serious relationship with marriage in view) and when our potential partner possesses these qualities. Because in the end, it’s really worth the wait.

Do not awaken love until the time is right also means do not engage in premarital sex. Pre- before; marital- marriage. Do not engage in sex before marriage because that’s not the right time for it. Sex is a big one, because it forms a covenant! If you’ve watched movies on cultism, you’ve noticed that when they were about forming a covenant, they never did it without the presence of blood. They initiated the covenant by drinking blood. In the Old Testament, when God wanted to form a covenant with the Israelites, Moses was instructed to sacrifice some animals and sprinkle their blood on the people (hebrews 9:20) When Jesus came to take us into the New Testament (covenant), he had to sacrifice his life. Blood was shed! And that is what happens during sex- there’s a blood cut and therefore a covenant.
When a bride and her groom say their vows at the altar, before man and God, they haven’t formed a covenant yet, they are just stating their commitments to each other. But the moment they consummate their marriage, that’s the moment they form a covenant. Since God has warned us to abstain from premarital sex, we should do it with fear and trembling, because he understands what sex can do to a destiny.


So many have exchanged their glorious destiny with 10 mins of pleasure- something that’s ephemeral. And they wonder why they are nonentities in life. Trust me on this one, breaking a covenant is not a day’s job.
Though Esau sought his destiny with tears, he couldn’t get it. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone! For a plate of porridge, Esau exchanged the destiny of being counted in the lineage of Jesus. You realize that one of the names we call God is, “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” this was supposed to be Esau. His name was supposed to be in place of Jacob, but he lost it to a plate of porridge. What Esau did may sound senseless, but that’s what many of us are doing today- selling our glorious, glorious destiny for premarital sex. And God so gracious didn’t ban it forever. He created it only for the context and within the context of marriage, as sex makes two into one, and was made for loving and giving. So why can’t you wait? Who told you that you cannot live without sex? What about Paul the apostle, was he not an eunuch for the kingdom’ sake? What about Jesus? Did he ever get married on earth? As you grow older in mind and in body, you will understand that a plate of porridge, is not worth selling your DESTINY for. I don’t know about you, but that’s my thought on sex and destiny. Destiny is for a lifetime, sex is made to last for few minutes. May God help us in Jesus name, Amen!




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