If you were to hand over a letter of gratitude to God, I mean, in person, what would you write on it? Join me in appreciating God’s faithfulness as you read my own letter to him and his faithfulness over 17 other people for the next 17 days.

Dear Daddy,

The lifter of my head, the lover of my soul, the many breasted one, the A and the Z.
It has been 12 months of your faithfulness, your mercy and your love. 11 months went by and you never left the scene. Now, the 12th month, and you are still present, teaching me, nurturing me, correcting and listening to me.

From the cares of daily life to the care of my spiritual life, you have been ever faithful. I never thought that I would make it this far or be where I am today, but your hand and presence have been most evident in my life. You see the depths of my heart, and you love me the same

I am grateful! Grateful for your love, Lord! Grateful for your patience with me and never giving up on me. Grateful for your peace that passes all understanding in my life! Grateful for fighting my battles and rendering victory to me! Grateful for my immediate family and the people you brought into my life this year that have become family. Grateful for sending Dr Myles Munroe and his lovely wife, of blessed memory, into this world to open my eyes to the realities of the kingdom.


It has been you Lord! Only you could do this! No one else could orchestrate all the event that has taken place in my little life. For this and everything you’ve done, I say thank you dad! Thank you for blowing my mind! Thank you for your strength that you’ve bestowed on me.. Thank you for this blog and how it is changing lives! Thank you for the lessons you’ve taught me thus far and above all, thank you for your son, Jesus that you sent to me and to the world as a gift. And I tell you dad, this is the greatest gift you have ever given me. It’s almost time for the celebration of his birth and I look forward to it!
With Love
Your Baby 😀


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