Yay!!! It is day 2 of gratitude to God for his faithfulness from January to this day. Many lost their lives this year, many lost their peace, but God was ever faithful. Join Osaman as he appreciates God in writing
Question: If you were to hand over a letter of gratitude to God, what would you write on it?


Dear Father,

The list is endless but I will try to shorten it.

I take this moment, in deep sense of gratitude to thank you for my entire life. Since I began my earthly sojourn you have been my bulwark, a most excellent father. Thank you for bringing me into the most wonderful family. Thanks for the friends and others that have come my way. Thank you for the daily guidance, correction and insight into your word as you mould me into the man you want me to be.

Father I’m grateful for year 2014. As I take a retrospect at all the events of the year. Though I lost relatives, friends and associates at the wee moments of the year, but you kept me and those around me. Thanks for being there.

Thank you for seeing me through those tough and trying times of the year where as a human I almost despaired, thinking you were never there, not knowing that during an examination, the teacher is always silent. Now my faith in you has grown stronger.

Thank you for the good health I enjoyed in 2014 [though I took a couple of syringes, lol]. I believe they were meant to be so because pleasure will not be appreciated if there was no pain. For this and more, I do appreciate the stripes your son Jesus received for my healing.

Thank you so much for my academics. Thank you also for the wisdom and wherewithal you gave me to lead those you placed under my care. Even amidst the stress of combining academics with leadership, you gave me the best and always made me the best. With you, I mined fortunes from every trouble and every stumbling block ended up being a stepping stone. 2014 marks a significant time in my academics. I’ll be a graduate in 10 days!

Most importantly Father, I thank you for giving me the most wonderful gift ever; The gift of eternal life through your son Jesus Christ.

Thank you for everything.
[Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name! PSALM 103:1]

From Your Son,


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