18 Days of Gratitude- Day 5

It’s another day to tell God how grateful we are for his faithfulness, for showing us the way to life, his son, Jesus. For choosing us amongst others to proclaim his faithfulness. Please join Sarah as she appreciates the awesomeness of our God!!!
Question: If you were to hand over a letter of gratitude to God, what would you write on it?

Dear God
How you dad, I hope you aren’t mad at me anymore. How’s heaven and my mansion πŸ˜‰ have I furnished it well enough? yeah yeah! I know the answer to that πŸ˜€
Its been a whole year again and you have kept me, thank u so much. Indeed this year has been a wonderful year, I enjoyed every minute of my ride with you, though the beginning of each road seemed difficult and almost impossible πŸ˜€ But now I know with you all things are truly possible. So I ask humbly to go on a tour with you 2015. Oh yea, a TOUR!
I wanna say thank you for your favour, love, provision, healing and above all my family, for giving I and all my loved ones a second chance.

Dad please do me this little favour, don’t leave me behind when you come and take your own from this wicked and confused world, and do whatever it takes to make me qualified to be taken. You know d world is so confused about the meaning of a christain life, but God permit me for saying this(dunno if its d right phrase)but i don’t wanna live a ‘christain life’, I only wanna live a life that makes you smile whenever you think of me. So all I ask for 2015 is that you show me how to make you smile. In 2014 u showed me that all things were truly possible with you so 2015 show me what makes you laugh and jump up to dance πŸ˜€
hummmmmmmm God the remaining part of this letter can’t be put into writting but it is in my heart which you own, so feel free to check it out. Say hi to Jesus 4 me, tell him I still remember what he did 4 me and I promise never 2 forget it. The holyspirit says hi ohhhhh n tanks a whole lot for sending me the Holy Spirit. he has really been more than a friend. Bye daddy, see ya soon.

Lots of love,

Your Baby,


Ps: yes Sarah, no matter what you have done, God has forgiven you. Because his anger lasts only for a moment. Psalm 30:5


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