18 Days of Gratitude- Day 6

I Slept and am awake because God sustained me. Thank you Lord. Please join OBUKS as she extends her gratitude to her Daddy.

Dear Loving Father,

It has been a wonderful year thus far. Words cannot describe how good you have been to me. You have brought me from a mighty long way, and I can only give you thanks and praise. Lord, you deserve all the praise and adoration in my life today. I thank you and I bless your holy name for being God.

This year is fast coming to an end and I just want to thank you for keeping my family and I till this time. Though, as a family we encountered losses and sadness during the course of the year, we know there is a reason for everything. And we are grateful that the times we encountered joy by far out numbers the sadness.
Awesome God, it is only by your love and grace that I am alive today. I know my life will be meaningless without you. You have been so kind and gracious to my family and I this year, and it is not because we have done anything to deserve it.
Father, I thank you for your love, for life, for family, for friends, for your word, for the Holy Spirit and your son and my saviour Jesus Christ. Thank you because his blood has washed me clean and made me whole. Thank you because by his stripes I am healed.

Lord, this year I slipped and I found you in a whole new light. Lord, thank you for those you brought into my life and have made a positive impact in it. I thank you in advance for the amazing wonders you are going to do in 2015. I thank you because I know that come what may in 2015 you are always going to be there.
I love you from the bottom of my heart and cannot thank you enough for being awesome.

With a grateful heart
Your baby girl,


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