18 Days of Gratitude- Day 9

If my body were to be full of mouth, it wouldn’t be enough to express how grateful I am. Truly, your word is true.
It’s Day 9 Fam. Please join Unity in appreciating the Great I Am

Dear Father,
Days have turned into weeks and weeks into months, yet you have remained steadfast and unchanging. Words would fail me to describe your awesomeness in my life. I searched all over and couldn’t find anyone greater, indeed you are the greatest. For want of a better word, I think you have been partial with me.
This is me saying thank you Jesus for everything you have done in my life in the year 2014. For the people in my life, the places have been and the events of the year, I am grateful. Your loving kindness and tender mercies is simply amazing. Many better players came on the scene by the first day of this year but today they are no more. You have sustained my earthly residency for some reasons known to you.


Am in awe of your faithfulness, Lord

Men give good gifts but you have given me the greater one – The Holy-spirit. Wow! Thank you for forgiving me of all my iniquities, healing me of all my diseases, crowning my head with your loving kindness & tender mercy, delivering me from destruction time & again. Ultimately you have satisfied my mouth with good things that my youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
For days when I fell short of your glory, your mercy kept me. Many times I start off the day running around trying to fix myself like there is no God, yet you kept your watch.
‘Responsible’ is a weak word to describe the quality of your fatherhood. That would suffice for mortals. You are Faithful – keeping your end of the deal even when I waver with the contrary winds of life. Your provision of the sun and the rain to the just and the unjust alike is an attestation to your faithfulness and sovereignty. You have proved again and again that if you don’t save me a month to shame, you would do so a week to shame, a day before shame or for some reasons known to you, even a day after shame. Who am I to question you?
I might not be where I wish to be but truth be told, I am not where I used to be – courtesy of your grace. Thank you father for the past 355 days of this year, the 10 days remaining and much more, thank you in advance for 2015, because it shall be from glory to glory – good to better and better to best.
Indeed no one can love me the way you do. I love the way you father me, may your reign continue forever more.
Your Son,


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