18 Days of Gratitude- Day 11

The beautiful Eizee has written a letter of gratitude to her daddy. How faithful is our God! He proves himself in our lives. For this and many more we say thank you.
Dear God,

Wow, where do I start from? Firstly, I want to thank you for your grace, love, care and wisdom. I thank you because right from the very beginning, you have been mindful of me.

‘Bless The Lord oh my soul and all that’s within me.” I never thought I would see year 2014, talk more the end of it. Wow! This year has been fantastic. I remember vividly December 31, 2013, the day I fell very ill. I started the year with sickness. But lord, you proved your self faithful and true. And you made me understand that you are truly the healer. For this, I am grateful.

Thank you for always being with me, even when I passed through the fire. This year for me is a memorable one and I will always testify of your goodness. Father, you are beautiful and I worship you in the beauty of your holiness. Thank you for what you’ve done, you are doing and what you are yet to do.

I love you and will always put you first in all I do. You are and will always be my first love



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