Trying to keep my faith up!

Amazing thoughts put into writing

Finding the beauty in your flaws.

I think sometimes it is SO easy to let whatever it is we are going through cloud our faith, and cause us to lose all hope in our prayers getting answered. I won’t sit here and say everything I have ever prayed for, I totally believed, it would be answered. As bad as that sounds, its the ultimate truth. I mean, I’m human and sometimes things just look so dark, it feels like there is absolutely NO light or hope left. We will all get to that point or have gotten to that point.

I think getting to that point where you have lost ALL faith is thee most dangerous thing we can allow ourselves to do, and the most dangerous place to dwell in. The enemy is so tricky and he’ll do any and everything to cause us to lose all faith we’ve built up. he’ll put so many…

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