You don’t have to sexualize yourself to be beautiful!

Finding the beauty in your flaws.

Touching on this subject is honestly like talking to brick walls. LOL. Females who fall into this category always feel like they are being targeted, attacked  or hated on when they are told they are worth more than their half naked pictures on social media. Its pretty unfortunate, that some women feel the need to seek attention or feel a sense of validation through being overly revealing. The tough truth is; if a 1000 likes and comments can simply cause you to feel like you exist or you’re worth something, your perception of worth is all the way backwards.

It breaks my heart to see some of these beautiful women lower their standards just for mere likes and comments. Being the social worker than I am, I like to look deeper than the surface of things. I feel like maybe the core reason for this, stems from not receiving the…

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