Explore Your ANGER

Everyone of us at some point in our lives have felt angry at something. And if we would just take a step backwards and ask ourselves why we are angry, we would realize the reason for our existence.

Most of the transformation we see today came from this fierce emotion. People sat down to explore the reason for their anger and proffered solutions to eradicating what they were angry at.

Moses was an Israelite by birth but became an Egyptian prince by adoption. He was so vexed at the way the Egyptians treated the Israelites, that he went to the extent of killing an Egyptian man who he saw beating an Israelite. If he took a step backwards to think about the reason for his anger, without reacting in anger, he would have found his purpose long before he took up the role of a deliverer; he was born to set the people of Israel free.
What about Nehemiah who was saddened at the fact that his county of origin was lying in ruins? He found his purpose in that anger

Mother Theresa also share a similar story with the preceding stories. As a high school teacher, she would always pass the poor people laying on the streets of Calcutta, with anger burning on the inside of her on her way to teach. Then one day, she couldn’t bear it anymore, so she stopped teaching and went all out to help the poor.
What are you angry at? Is it at the current state of your country, the promiscuity of the youths, the untapped potential of the people around you?

Listen, you were born to do what makes you angry. Therefore, spend the next few hours before the new year to explore your anger; don’t react in your anger, but probe deeply and look for solutions to it. This is where your purpose lies
If you are not currently angry at something, ask God to reveal your anger to you. And he will delightfully show you.
Btw, Happy New Year in Advance




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