My heart overflows with good verses
I cannot help but pour out all that it holds
I am awe struck at the splendor of my God
Open my lips O Lord,
that my mouth may declare your praise
Though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea
I will stand without quailing
Because you said
I will help you when the morning dawns
I will be the light you seek in the night
I will always be the fourth man in your fiery furnace
All you need to do is to drop it at my feet
Has the Doctor said there’s no hope?
Has your strength failed you?
Just Drop it! Drop it! Drop it at my feet and be still
For then you will know that I remain the Almighty
The one who rules with the sceptre of righteousness
The one who shines forth out of Zion, the perfection of beauty
The one who broke the ships of Tarshish with the east wind
The many breasted one
The Ancient of Days
The God who has no trace of weakness in him.
I am God, Just do as I say;
Drop it at my feet and be still



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