We live in a world where people lack so much peace in their hearts, and are always in a hurry going nowhere, because they left the DIRECTION behind. If you don’t consider your ways, you just might be doing the same thing Right Now.

ASK YOURSELF as you read this:
Am I going to WAIT WISELY for what is SUITABLE for me, or SETTLE for what is AVAILABLE to me?

Women who COULDN’T WAIT have SETTLED for Men like this:

1) He is a not a committed Man. He may be 48, but his Emotional Age is 13, and you should know by now that people act their Emotional Age. Everything is about him, him, him. He is with you like he is not. What were you too thinking when you met him while he was 42 and not Married? Didn’t you notice the Spider Man comics and Video Games all over his room? Do you think it’s for decoration? Bring your Nephews to visit him, and he will relate to them better than he relates with you, because emotionally, he is the same age with them.

2) He is very Violent. He beats you, calls you all sorts of names, then he apologises to you. He has kept you away from seeing your Family Members and Friends. He always wants to know where you are, and who you are with. He doesn’t trust you at all. He does the worst things to you and claims he loves you so much and that’s why he can’t control himself. When you finally say you are leaving him, he will make Threats of Killing himself, and even make some Fake attempts in front of you. When that doesn’t work and you insist on leaving, he will then tell you HE WILL KILL YOU TOO so that if he can’t have you, nobody else will. What were you too thinking when he was always with you when he should actually be at work somewhere? Don’t you know LOVE HAS BALANCE, but OBSESSION doesn’t?

3) He will always BORROW or TAKE MONEY from you. He never has enough, and not ashamed to dip his hand into your Purse. He is so insensitive that he doesn’t care how you get it, and feels it’s your business if you even sleep around to get it. And just when you think you are doing your best to be a constant ATM, you will be shocked to know he is also taking money from all the friends that you introduced to him as well. You only find out when they start getting back to you to demand their money back from you. Then you realise he is not adding Value to you, and he is also removing Value from you. What were you too thinking when he asked you the first time? Don’t you know a TAKER only thinks about his lusts alone?

4) He is more popular with the ladies than the Men. He is not Jerome the Counsellor, but he counsels more women than Jerome himself does. He is ALWAYS chatting or SKYPING or Talking to one Lady or the other, and when you complain, he always makes excuses about how these Ladies are going through a lot, and he has to be there for them. He swears to you that he is not sleeping with them, but when you find Condoms and Sex toys in his car, he will say it is his friend he gave a lift that left them there. And because YOU ARE A STUPID WOMAN, you believe him, until he gives you STD, HIV, HEPATITIS, HERPES, etc. What were you too thinking the first time he spoke to you? Was he not too SLEEK not to be a SMOOTH OPERATOR?

5) He Drinks to stupor, and Smokes like a Chimney, but you were too sure of yourself that you can change him, after all you are ALWAYS attracted to Men with issues in their lives, because you have a great need to be needed. No problems, now that you have become a self acclaimed Psychiatrist and Nurse, I hope you are enjoying your OCCUPATION very well?

6) He doesn’t talk with you. But when his friends come, he comes alive and talks, and talks, and talks. He will spend so much time watching FOOTBALL, than relating with you. He only comes when he wants to have sex, and he is not even interested in foreplay. Well didn’t you notice when you met him that there was nothing about your discussions that showed he really thought much about the INSTITUTION called Marriage. Some men see Marriage as a necessary evil that they just have to pass through, just like you force some people to go to school when they have no respect for Education. He is certainly one of them.

7) etc, etc.

When I become your Counsellor and Matchmaker and I ask you to WAIT, it’s not because we may find a Perfect Match, but at least, through the GRACE of God find you someone that will be a BLESSING, with no sorrows added.

There are NO Perfect Men out there, but through SEARCH framed with GRACE, we always find Good Men who Commit completely to their Relationship/Marriage adding Value to it. Your Older Sisters who couldn’t wait, but settled, are VERY MISERABLE today and looking for ways out now. You don’t have to join them. God won’t make you wait longer than you can handle, don’t be DESPERATE, be DETERMINED! #waitdontsettle #jeromematchmaker

CONSULTATION with Jerome is Not Free!

Whatsapp +2348037194335


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