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“I don’t have time.”

“I am too busy…I leave home early, get back late and I’m usually too tired.”

The above phrases are some of the excuses many of us give for why we do not exercise. However, except you are an expert in creating excuses, this article helps eliminate any of such excuses. The exercises explained below can easily be incorporated into your daily routine: in the morning while prepping for work or in even at work during your spare time [and don’t tell me you don’t have spare time…]. They don’t require any special time set aside to do them.

The following are brought to you by three fitness experts consulted by Yahoo.

Step-ups and squats while you brush your teeth

“Alternate doing squats one day and step-ups the next—they’re two of the most effective exercises to work your butt and legs. For squats, put the toilet seat…

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