At the third crow of my neighbour’s rooster, I woke up.
I Rubbed my eyes weakly,
luxuriated myself in a full body stretch
And rolled thrice on my bed.
“It’s morning” I said to myself, 
while yawning like a hungry giraffe.
I managed to get out of bed, 

And then opened my window to allow some morning breeze into my room.


The first feel of the morning breeze 
Made me ponder on the faithfulness of God.

I looked towards the sky and thought this to myself:

If I were the only one lost, He would leave the 99 that are safe and look for me till He finds me.
If I were wallowing in adultery or fornication, He would be willing to accept me as he did to the adulterous woman 
If I think my life is so much of a mess to be used by Him,
just like Paul the Apostle, 
he is willing to turn my mess into my message that will bring hope to the hopeless
If I were unclean, he would touch me
If I were hungry, he would feed me
He’s willing to change the ugly caterpillar in me to a beautiful, eye catching butterfly.


With a loud cry,
I said,
Let all that I am praise God!
He who forgives all mine iniquities; 
heals all my diseases
redeems my life from destruction; 
crowns me with tender mercies.
And satisfies my mouth with good things, 
so that my youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

For he does not save us because of what we’ve done.
Because it’s only a puny god that can be bought with tithes;
Only an egotistical god would be impressed with our pain;
Only a temperamental god would be satisfied by our sacrifices;
Only a heartless god would sell salvation to the highest bidder
But it’s only a great God that does for his children what they can’t do for themselves. (Max lucado)

This is the God I serve; the great one!


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