Women on the Cutting Edge (Session 3) RAISING GODLY SEEDS IN AN UNGODLY WORLD



This woman was just like every other mother in Isreal. But she did something very remarkable.

She was existing in the era when the Israelites were living in Egypt, and due to their overpopulation, Pharaoh made a decree stating that all male babies born to the Israelites should be killed. Plus, he was scared that if another nation is at war against Egypt, the Israelites might join forces with the other nation to fight them.
Unfortunately, she gave birth to Moses at that time. But the bible said she saw that Moses was a special child, a child born to do great things that would affect generations to come, so she hid him from the enemy.

May I ask you this question?

If you are a parent, when you look at your child or children what do you see? Because it’s the way you see…

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