By Pastor Faith Oyedepo 

“But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.”
-Acts 6:4- 

Over the years, I have come to realise that nothing is either too small or too big to pray about. Also, prayer is never enough; so you shouldn’t say you have prayed too much or more than enough on any certain issue. The only way you will know that you have prayed your heart out is when your answers are received. Although answers to prayers might not immediately always be visible, you must have the peace, joy and satisfaction that you have received your answers. 

Prayer is synonymous with power. To be prayerless equals powerlessness. The more prayerful you are, the more you gain access to God’s power. As a minister, prayer is one of your greatest assets. You must never get to a point where your prayer life begins to drag, as that can be very dangerous. In fact, you should take prayer as a hobby. 

A great man of God once said that he usually prayed every 15 minutes. So if he missed it even once, he said that it made him feel like he had not at all prayed the entire day. That should be of great motivation to you. Prayer to a Christian is like the air we breathe; how much more to a minister. You cannot have an effective ministry without an effective prayer life. 

You are meant to be a blessing and a support to your family, those around you, your Church and the world at large. However, if you become a prayer project for others, how do you assume your responsibility of praying for them? You are called as a watch guard. This involves keeping spiritual watch over those appointed to you in prayers. Therefore, from today, you must rise from your slumber, shake off that slackness and assume your duty as a prayer guard. A whole lot of people are counting on you and you will not fail them! 

Remain Blessed!


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