By Pastor Faith Oyedepo
“So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding;”
-Proverbs 2:2- 

Success in marriage involves putting your hands to work; as every profitable venture involves hard work. A successful marriage is as pure gold and to get such, you must dig deep with determination and diligence. However, I would be sharing with you a family recipe that my husband tagged seven Rs to a glorious marriage. This recipe, when followed, will guarantee you the best of time in your marriage adventure. These are: 

Relate: To be successful in marriage, you should have a cordial relationship and a solid communication platform. Never leave room for silence, assumptions, boredom or inferiority complex. Your spouse must be your best friend. 

Respect: Learn to give due respect to each other. As a husband, you must respect and love your wife and as a wife, you must in turn submit to your husband. Respect must be mutual and so, you must never allow enslavement of any kind, in your home. 

Reason: When you need to make decisions, communicate effectively with good points to back up your choices or opinions. Explain with examples, until your points are clearly understood. However, note that the final decision should be made in agreement, not coercion. 

Romance: Offer your bodies to each other unto a point of satisfaction, because it reinforces the marriage covenant. 

Rule: Run your home with good administrative skills even as you delegate duties to everyone in the home. Couples should know and stick to their roles and responsibilities in marriage. Maximally use your resources effectively. 

Resist: Do not give room to any loopholes, as they destroy the home. Avoid unwanted guests, friends, associations and habits that don’t allow for peace and comfort in the home. 

Realise: Ensure you persistently continue in the above mentioned steps. Don’t compromise, even as both parties learn to forgive and let go, daily and in advance. 

With the above ingredients in your marriage, you are bound to have a stress- free adventure. That marriage shall experience sweetness in the name of Jesus Christ! 

Remain Blessed!


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