It is always a joy to sit at the feet of my mother and listen to her as her mouth utters deep wisdom.
My mother once said to me in the most subtle yet echoing voice.
“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honour of kings to discover them
Like a wrapped gift, God has concealed you. So let the king who is meant for you, unwrap you. Don’t unwrap yourself. Let him have that honour.
Be the woman of worth who believes she’s worthy of being discovered and pursued.
Like a crown of beauty in the hands of God, so are you.
He holds you delicately and rightly so.
He esteems you, because of all creation, you are his masterpiece.
Know your worth, so you don’t lessen the weight of your crown to suit any man
The weight of your king’s crown should be weighty enough to accommodate yours
Know your purpose, so you choose carefully whom to be a helper to
Know you are palace material, so you don’t release your crown to a foolish man 
Guard your crown jealously 
Be patient before releasing your authority 
Be a woman on the cutting edge.”


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