I should have JUST. WAITED.

Just Meeks Speaks

I don’t know if it’s fair to really call this a blog, and you’re probably wondering why on earth a jumbo chocolate croissant is the featured image on this blog… But this jumbo chocolate croissant taught me a lesson/ gave me a revelation that I wanted to share. So here’s the story part…

So yesterday afternoon I came home from uni feeling quite ill and tired. I decided to take a nap, but of course hunger rudely interrupted me an hour later or so. I had chicken in the fridge already, and decided to boil some pasta so I can eat well before rehearsals later. So I proceeded downstairs and began to boil the water, but I became impatient. I wanted something to eat now. I ran back to my room and grabbed one of those buff chocolate croissants to snack on while I waited. But then guess what happened?…

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