The curtain of 2015 has drawn to a close for the opening of 2016. What a year 2015 had been. It was indeed a glorious year. The reality of it all is that we won’t see 2015 again until we stand before God to give  an account

So Happy New Year. I wish you the best of 2016. Let’s make it count. Let the treasure that has been packaged in your earthen vessel find expression this year. Let your sphere of influence benefit from the content of your alabaster box. If you keep it closed, the perfume inside your alabaster box will not permeate. And what’s life really? Is it not for sharing, giving and loving? Come on now, I need to smell your fragrance, I want the books that are on the inside of you, I want to hear your words of wisdom this year, I want to wear your creation and I want to listen to the song that you have on the inside of you. Please don’t rob me of it. 
And because Mary opened her alabaster, she left a legacy (Matthew 26:7-10)

It’s not about you really. The moment you leave your comfort zone, the moment you decide to break open your alabaster box, you realize the fragrance doesn’t only benefit you, but it permeates the air for everyone, including generations to partake of it. Esther said, “if I perish, I perish”.. Because she realized the destiny of the Jews was at the mercy of her stepping out or her obedience to God. Step out not because you feel like it (you will most likely not feel like it) but step out because you realize there is a world in dire need of what you possess. 

Happy New Year Again!!! 




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