The ultimate reason why God created man is to manage the earth (the works of his hands). The word manage means to be in charge of, to run something. God was looking for someone to be in charge of the garden so he formed Adam. Genesis 2 noted that God withheld rain to fall on the earth because there was no man to manage it. In otherwords, God will withold growth from a place that lacks management. God himself is a manager. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we ask him for his will to be done on earth as it’s in heaven. He manages (is in charge) of heaven. That’s why heaven is perfect.

Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth, as it is in heaven.

And in order to extend his management to earth, he placed man, who is in his image to tend and manage…

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The curtain of 2015 has drawn to a close for the opening of 2016. What a year 2015 had been. It was indeed a glorious year. The reality of it all is that we won’t see 2015 again until we stand before God to give  an account

So Happy New Year. I wish you the best of 2016. Let’s make it count. Let the treasure that has been packaged in your earthen vessel find expression this year. Let your sphere of influence benefit from the content of your alabaster box. If you keep it closed, the perfume inside your alabaster box will not permeate. And what’s life really? Is it not for sharing, giving and loving? Come on now, I need to smell your fragrance, I want the books that are on the inside of you, I want to hear your words of wisdom this year, I want to wear your creation and I want to listen to the song that you have on the inside of you. Please don’t rob me of it. 
And because Mary opened her alabaster, she left a legacy (Matthew 26:7-10)

It’s not about you really. The moment you leave your comfort zone, the moment you decide to break open your alabaster box, you realize the fragrance doesn’t only benefit you, but it permeates the air for everyone, including generations to partake of it. Esther said, “if I perish, I perish”.. Because she realized the destiny of the Jews was at the mercy of her stepping out or her obedience to God. Step out not because you feel like it (you will most likely not feel like it) but step out because you realize there is a world in dire need of what you possess. 

Happy New Year Again!!! 



I should have JUST. WAITED.

Just Meeks Speaks

I don’t know if it’s fair to really call this a blog, and you’re probably wondering why on earth a jumbo chocolate croissant is the featured image on this blog… But this jumbo chocolate croissant taught me a lesson/ gave me a revelation that I wanted to share. So here’s the story part…

So yesterday afternoon I came home from uni feeling quite ill and tired. I decided to take a nap, but of course hunger rudely interrupted me an hour later or so. I had chicken in the fridge already, and decided to boil some pasta so I can eat well before rehearsals later. So I proceeded downstairs and began to boil the water, but I became impatient. I wanted something to eat now. I ran back to my room and grabbed one of those buff chocolate croissants to snack on while I waited. But then guess what happened?…

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By Iain Duguid

One of the agonizing aspects of being in love but not yet married is the need to wait. You long for the day when your lives will be so intertwined that every aspect will be linked together, including sexually. This agony is not helped by the fact that we live in a sex-saturated culture where our eyes and minds are bombarded on all sides by the message that your sexuality is simply another appetite to be satisfied, like hunger and thirst. In such a context, it is easy to imagine that you are the only one waiting for sex until you are married.

Into this cauldron of unfulfilled desire the Song of Songs speaks with calm and reassuring wisdom when it says to the young women of Jerusalem, “Do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.” This caution is so important to the Song’s portrayal of the beauty and power of love that it is repeated three times (Song of Solomon 2:7; 3:5; 8:4). This repetition is not because the Song has reservations about the goodness of love and sex in its proper place, within marriage. On the contrary, it depicts and praises the breathtaking intensity of a unique, lifelong, committed relationship between one man and one woman — what we might call, “Friendship on fire.”

The way in which the Song persuades us to wait for marriage to have sex is striking, however. Often Christians focus on the various rules that the Bible gives us about our sexuality — the “Thou shalt not’s.” There is certainly biblical wisdom behind those rules. Yet what the Song adds to the rules are reasons. Rules are like walls and fences: They can mark out where proper boundaries exist. Yet walls and fences are of only limited help in keeping people in their proper place: They can easily be tunneled under, climbed over, or broken down. It is much more likely that we will stay on the proper side of the wall until marriage if we have a reason rather than simply a rule.

Intriguingly, the Song compares waiting for marriage to guarding a vineyard. In the springtime of the year, when flowers are in bloom and all nature is telling you to go forth, be fruitful and multiply, the woman warns us of the little foxes that can damage the fragile blossoms of the vineyard, with serious long-term consequences for its fruitfulness (2:15). She reminds us that the farmer who invests his energy in protecting the integrity of the vineyard will not regret it later, even though the benefits of this painful perseverance won’t be reaped until the time is fully ripe.
Vineyard tending is a long, patient process of waiting and watching in which one failure doesn’t bring the whole endeavor to nothing. The farmer who fails doesn’t have to give up the vineyard as damaged goods. He can repent and rebuild the broken wall and start again to watch and wait. Equally, while keeping the walls is important in vineyard tending, it is not the only thing. It’s about taking care of tender blossoms. Tending your sexual vineyard is therefore not simply about actual physical sexual intercourse; it is about protecting your mind from habitual lust, romantic fantasy, and pornography, all of which can have long-term damaging effects. You can have a vineyard whose walls are still intact but whose blossoms have been trampled into the muddy dirt in other ways.
Nor is watching over the vineyard an end in itself. Rather, its wonderful purpose is to be able at the end of the process to present your vineyard to your lover in full bloom, so that you can both enjoy its fruit without regret or remorse. The intensity of the waiting makes the final consummation all the more glorious. Failure should not lead us simply to guilt but to repentance, while God enabled purity should not result in pride but profound thankfulness to God for his grace that protected us against ourselves.
Yet not every good farmer who tends his vineyard carefully will enjoy the fruit of marriage. Some remain single for the long haul or struggle with same-sex attraction. Why continue to take good care of your vineyard when you don’t see any way in which those blossoming vines will ever bear fruit in a biblically approved sexual relationship? Under those circumstances, watching and faithfully waiting easily seem like wasted labor.
There are two reasons still to wait and watch. The first reason is that God can surprise us with an unexpected relationship. People who have been single for many years may finally meet a godly spouse. Men and women whose struggle is with same-sex attraction do in many cases get successfully married to a person of the opposite gender. Don’t discount God’s remarkable ability to confound your doom and gloom predictions for the future: He is the God who does far more than we can ask or imagine.
Don’t discount God’s remarkable ability to confound your doom and gloom predictions for the future.

The second and far more important reason is that, whether or not we ever get married and find a beautiful and legitimate outlet for those God-given sexual desires, there is a greater lover for whom we are waiting. There is a God who desires you so passionately that he has moved heaven and earth to have a relationship with you. The powerful sexual drives God gives us to cement us together in marriage are only a pale reflection of how passionately God desires and pursues us.

Isaiah sang about his Beloved, who took perfect care of his vineyard (Isaiah 5). He dug it, cleared it of stones, and fertilized it; he built a wall around it and a watchtower to keep guard against foxes and other intruders. Yet when harvest time came, he found only a few sour and bitter grapes on the vines. Isaiah was describing God’s love relationship with Israel, but he could just as easily have been describing the Lord’s relationship with you and me. The Lord has taken such good care of us and given us such abundant gifts — beauty, intellect, wealth, talent, opportunity, relationships, life itself — but the only fruit we have borne for him is wild and sour grapes. In our sexuality, he has given each of us a beautiful vineyard to watch over and we have razed down the wall, invited the foxes in for a party, planted thorns and thistles, and turned the whole thing into a muddy and sordid mess. Any normal landowner would call in the police to arrest such tenants.
But God is not any normal landowner. Instead, he sent his own Son to rescue and redeem his tenants from their own folly. Jesus came from the perfection of heaven and entered the muddy mess of this world in order to rebuild his vineyard. He came as a man with normal sexual appetites and desires that he knew he would not be able to fulfill. Yet he guarded his own vineyard perfectly, watching over it and waiting, not for the sake of a future earthly bride but for his heavenly bride, the church. The bride that he chose has no beauty of her own and has not kept her own vineyard. She is dressed in the filthy rags of her abused sexuality, yet he came to clothe her in the beautiful garments of his own faithful watching and waiting, so that on her wedding day, she could be presented to him pure and spotless, beautiful beyond description. Jesus is the true Beloved for whom we are watching, the one for whom we are called to maintain our vineyards as we wait.

So we are not just to guard our vineyards for the sake of an earthly harvest, a wonderful vintage marriage to a good Christian man or woman. There is an ultimate harvest, a tree of life whose fruit we will taste on the last day when our waiting finally comes to an end with the return of the bridegroom to claim his bride. On that day, our cold and wandering hearts will finally be transformed and made whole. We shall behold the loveliness of his form with our own eyes. On that day, our joy will be complete as our Beloved says to us,
Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away, look, the winter rains are past; the spring rains have come and gone. The blossoms appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the sound of the dove is heard in our land. The fig tree ripens its figs, and the vines are in blossom, emitting fragrance. Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come away. (Song of Solomon 2:10–13)

Iain Duguid is Professor of Old Testament at Westminster Seminary, Philadelphia, and the author of several books, most recently The Song of Songs: An Introduction and Commentary (IVP). A native of Great Britain, Duguid served as a missionary in Liberia before completing a Ph.D. in Old Testament at Cambridge University. He and his wife Barbara have six grown children.

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By Unity Ivongbe

Every product including human beings exist to solve a particular problem. We simply malfunction when we take up a posture that communicate needs and wants at all times. Someone once said, you make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give. That couldn’t have been better said.

At the very root of a high responsibility consciousness is this very thought that says: how can I contribute to the system and not what can be distributed to me; what can I add and not what I can have; what can I give and not what to get!

The renaissance of Africa and third-world nations is tied to this very thought line of providing solutions to global problems. We cannot continue to be a concern to the world – with our problems coming on the front-burner of discussions at global summits. This…

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Women on the Cutting Edge: CHARACTER


Hello to you,

In this post I wrote  about the story of Esther and lessons to draw from, but before you begin reading, I want you to know that there is a GOODNEWS at the tail end of this post. Be sure to check it out😊

Gold is a substance that’s is scarce as hen’s teeth. This is one of the many reasons why it’s valuable. In actual fact, nobody values anything that’s common or gotten on a platter of gold. For something to be valuable it must show another quality that’s different from the usual quality. And this is why I love the story of Esther .. It explains the above thought process so explicitly. 
Character made Esther stand out. Queen Vashti lost her throne to Esther because she lacked the appropriate ingredient that could sustain her on the throne. Agreed, beauty took her to the throne, but she needed something far deeper than beauty to sustain her on the throne; which is virtue or character. Unfortunately, she lacked it. 





Esther, fortunately for her, had both beauty and character and was able to get there, because the most expensive commodity a woman can have is character. Any woman can be beautiful, just give her some money. She knows what to do with it that would transform her look… There are plastic surgeons out there that have transformed the physical looks of individuals, because the individuals said they didn’t like their nose or any part of their body. So appearance and beauty can be transformed with money, but money can’t buy character; it can’t buy virtue. You’ve probably seen some wealthy men or men with great reputation marry some supposedly ugly women. And you wonder why… The reason is because there’s something that they saw in this supposedly ugly woman that they didn’t find in the so called “beautiful women” 

Character is everything. If you try to pretend to be calm and what not, It will show someday when pressure is put on you. Because pressure reveals your true content. 

For instance, if I were to exert pressure on a roach or cockroach, it won’t bring out blood because it has no blood on the inside, what will come out is only fluid. In the same vein, if you are a person who has a terrible temper and you try to hide it instead of dealing with it, when pressure is exerted on you or when someone gets on your last nerve, that bad temper will surely be revealed because you have that on the inside. 

When a thief is caught, you hear them say, ” I was frustrated, that’s why.” no, it’s not because they were frustrated, but it’s because they had some element of stealing in them. At that point of frustration, if that individual was someone who is well brought up; someone whose parents imbibed in him great values that doesn’t support stealing, he would uphold the values at that point in time. At that period, his true character will be revealed. His values will become clear. A boy who steals pens or pencils in his class, might end up stealing from a bank, if that trait is not curtailed. 
Olakunle Soriyan Says

At your HIGHEST frustration, what you DO is who you ARE. When PRESSURE is exerted on a thing, its true content is revealed. ‪#‎TruthForToday‬

Let me digress a little…

Let no one say when he is tempted, “I am being tempted by God”; for God cannot be tempted by evil, and He Himself does not tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust

It also explains why EVE fell.. 

When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. 

In a nutshell, the devil has nothing on you, really! Because you cannot be tempted by something that you aren’t already attracted to. 
To have a character that’s worth emulating, deliberate and conscious steps must be taken.. Don’t hide your character, deal with it, because bad character is like a beautiful egg that’s bringing out a poignant smell. The smell hides the beauty of the egg. All people see or perceive is the smell, the beauty becomes irrelevant. 

Prov 11:22
Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion.

Don’t get me wrong, your outward appearance matters a great deal and you should make sure that you put it together. But don’t leave the inner man behind, because it’s the sustenance of your beauty. So there must be a balance. In life, if you take care of your outward appearance, showering twice a day, cleaning your teeth, wearing clean clothes and spraying cologne on them, it would all be totally meaningless if you do eat unhealthy foods and eventually have heart disease and what not. In other words, the inward should be taken care of as well. 

3Your adornment must not be merely external– braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; 4but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.

Esther was one lady to reckon with. She was loved amongst the other virgin ladies by not only the king, but everyone who saw her, the bible states. 

They were all beautiful, all virgins, but character made Esther stand out. 

There was a decree during that period that the king was looking for a wife that whatever clothing or jewelery the ladies want to see the king with, they should be given, but Esther was one different lady who asked for nothing except what the administrator, Hegai the eunuch, suggested.

She was indeed a wise woman seeing that Hegai was a man who had stayed with the the king for long and it’s only normal to think that he must have studied the likes and dislikes of the king. Therefore, him giving Esther advice on what to wear is reasonable. Esther was teachable. She accepted the advice of Hegai. Unlike most girls who would see this as an opportunity to acquire exorbitant things 

a) A woman of character smells good.. She’s attractive. People stand in awe of her. They see her as one worthy of emulation. In the midst of her equals, she’s talked about. In the midst of the elders, she’s wished to be their own child. In the midst of men, she’s wanted. 

b) Be teachable

c) Try as much as possible to curtail your excesses, because a bad character can, in one second, destroy a reputation that took years to build

d)Let there be a balance between your outward appearance and your inner man. In fact, take care of your inner man more. 


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It is always a joy to sit at the feet of my mother and listen to her as her mouth utters deep wisdom.
My mother once said to me in the most subtle yet echoing voice.
“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honour of kings to discover them
Like a wrapped gift, God has concealed you. So let the king who is meant for you, unwrap you. Don’t unwrap yourself. Let him have that honour.
Be the woman of worth who believes she’s worthy of being discovered and pursued.
Like a crown of beauty in the hands of God, so are you.
He holds you delicately and rightly so.
He esteems you, because of all creation, you are his masterpiece.
Know your worth, so you don’t lessen the weight of your crown to suit any man
The weight of your king’s crown should be weighty enough to accommodate yours
Know your purpose, so you choose carefully whom to be a helper to
Know you are palace material, so you don’t release your crown to a foolish man 
Guard your crown jealously 
Be patient before releasing your authority 
Be a woman on the cutting edge.”